Jess Brassington, Corporate Recruitment and Wellness Specialist

Helping companies find the right talent and providing solutions to invest in their well-being.

The Agency Network

Providing contract and permanent staffing and direct hire solutions in San Antonio and Houston.

Well at Work

Providing wellness solutions for the workplace.

Jess Brassington Media

Jess is an open book. She has a passion for public speaking, writing, and podcasting.


Let’s face it, finding the right candidate can be daunting. With a shift taking place in corporate America that emphasizes workplace culture, finding talent that checks all the boxes AND aligns with company values is now more important than ever. That’s where we come in! The Agency Network is here to provide you with a TEAM player, not just another applicant. We will help you to find the right fit, an employee you can count on.


Are your staffing needs taken care of? Now It’s time to invest in your team’s health and future, that includes you too! It is proven that corporate wellness programs improve morale, job performance, and efficiency. From professional coaching to holistic health and wellness resources, Well at Work will help you create the best version of yourself and your employees, setting your company up for success.


And it doesn’t end at the office, Jess also provides other media and content for a comprehensive approach to creating a healthy lifestyle.